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150 th Anniversary of The Battle of Pea Ridge
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The 2015 Battle of Pea Ridge Re-enactment.

March 6, 7 & 8, 2012 marks the 150th Anniversary of what the Confederates remembered as the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern and Union troops named The Battle of Pea Ridge (Arkansas).

Beginning on Friday, March 9th, the cities of Bentonville, Pea Ridge,  The Pea Ridge Military Foundation and the NPS Pea Ridge Battlefield Park began three days of events:
(Above Photo)
Union Cavalry and Confederate Infantry re-enactors battle on Central Ave of Bentonville, Arkansas on Friday, March 9, 2012.  This event was the kick-off for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Pea Ridge and was viewed by 2,500 to 3000 spectators.

Note:  The Battle of Pea Ridge really began here at the Bentonville town square (March 6, 1862)when General Van Dorn's Confederates first clashed with Union troops commanded by General Franz Sigel.
A Southern trooper readies his pistol while Benton County school children enjoy the action.

Historian/Re-enactor Steve Bailey handled the narration of the event on the Bentonville Square.
(Photo Below)
More than 3,400 candel bags (representing the casualities of the Battle of Pea Ridge) await  the Battlefield Luminary event set for Saturday, March 10th.  Other events of the day at P. R. Military Park included re-enactor programs by the 3rd Louisiana, CSA Missouri State Guard and the U.S. 25th Missouri.  There was also a special 150th Commemoration Ceremony.

Sunday, March 11th, the final day of 150th Anniversary events turned overcast and rainy, causing the day's scheduled outdoor activities to be canceled....So, CWFT visited one of the camps of some hardy re-enactors.
(Pictured Above)
Members of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry - Company D.  Front L to R: Kathy Kroeger (portraying 2nd Lt. C.K. Baker) and Company Nurse Janita Fisher.  Standing: Private Jordan Elshoff.
2nd Lt. C.K. Baker fires a round in a misting rain on the Pea Ridge Battlefield.
The Times of Northeast Benton County produced an excellent supplement honoring the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Pea Ridge. (The date shown refers to the 2012 events .... the actual 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Pea Ridge was March 6, 7 & 8)

NPS Ranger/Superintendent of Pea Ridge National Military Park, John C. Scott (pictured below) and his staff have done a fine job of restoring the battlefield to a condition similar to its appearance of March, 1862.

Update:  2013 Events:  151st Anniversary @ Pea Ridge...

On Saturday, March 9th, 2013 Pea Ridge Military Park hosted Civil War demonstrations and a wreath laying ceremony in remembrance of the battle that was fought there in 1862. was there to cover the events.  (See Photos Below) 
The 151st Anniversary events kicked off with a Bang!
Horace E. Lindley (1st Texas) chats with CWFT Participant, Daryl Price.
Lindley's rifle (pictured) was carried during the 1862 battle, by a young member of one of the Confederate Cherokee regiments.
Members of the Holmes Brigade-U.S. Volunteers fire a volley.  This unit gave a informative and entertaining demonstration on the loading and firing of Civil War era infantry weapons.
The 151st Anniversary of the Battle of Pea Ridge events were closed with a few well chosen words by Ranger John Scott (left) and the laying of a wreath, in memory of the Americans from North and South who fought over these acres in 1862.


Pea Ridge Battle Re-enactment of 2015

    On the Weekend of September 24,25,26 & 27 , 2015  the Pea Ridge National Military Park Foundation hosted a re-enactment of the 1862
Civil War Battle Of Pea Ridge.  It took place on the Kent Webb Farm, 4 miles north of the town of Pea Ridge, Arkansas.
   This was very likely the largest gathering of Civil War re-enactors of any of Battle of Pea Ridge dramatizations of recent years.  CivilWarFieldTrip attended the Sunday, Sept. 27th presentation and was not disappointed.  The event was "spectator friendly" allowing viewers to get close to the "action" ..... which was both visually spectacular and entertaining.

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