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Sacred Grounds

Confederate Battle Flags adorn the graves of Southern Soldiers who died in the battles at Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, Cane Hill and Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery, which is the final resting place for soldiers from Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Texas has been maintained by the Southern Memorial Association for the past 141 years.
Members of trhe Bowers Memorial Color Guard fired three salutes in tribute to the fallen Southern Soldiers of Northwest Arkansas battles, during the Southern Memorial Day event on June 7, 2014.
Featured Speaker for Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery's 2014 Southern Memorial Day event was Dr. W. Stuart Towns.  Dr. Towns has served as a Professor/Department Chairman at Southern Missouri State University, Appalachian State University and the University of West Florida.  His address stressed the history and importance of remembering all American veterans.
A retired Army Colonel, Dr. Towns is also the author of several non-fiction books.  His latest is:
"Arkansas' Civil War Heritage - A Legacy Of Honor."
Representatives of the newly formed Brotherhood of the Southern Cross paid their respects at the Fayetteville Confederate Soldier Monument.
Attendees listen to Arkanss SCV State Chaplain, James T. Brown at the Southern Memorial Association 2014 Ceremony.
The Southern Memorial Association first dedicated the Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery on June 10, 1873. The Association's mission today, as during the past 141 years, is the care and preservation of the final resting place of the Confederate Soldiers in F.C.C. and the nearby, historic Walker Family Cemetery.
Visit the Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery and you will discover one of the most beautiful and most historic places in Northwest Arkansas.  The cemetery graves, monument and grounds are well maintained by the Sou
thern Memorial Association but there is needed restoration to some areas, such as the historic rock fence and the surrounding drainage. Security lighting would also be a worthwhile project.  
The S.M.A. receives no State or Federal funding and carries out it's mission on membership dues and individual donations.  If you care about American History, Arkansas History and Southern Heritage, urges you to make a donation to the Southern Memorial Association..... and /or consider becoming a member.  Contact Information is listed below:

   479 - 824 - 3910


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Dr. W. Stuart Towns book:  "Arkansas Civil War - A Legacy Of Honor" is available at

Sons Of Confederate Veterans website is:

 "There is a true glory and a true honor:  
 the glory of  duty done- the honor of the
 integrity of principle."

 Robert E. Lee

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